Dracula Parrot for sale



Dracula Parrot for sale


Dracula Parrot for sale.The Dracula parrot is one of four legendary flying winged creatures known as “Vampires.” The Van Helpers, the Vampiress, the Mensis, and the Dracula Parrot. The name “Dracula parrot” was derived from the character’s name in the story, Dracula. In essence, Dracula is a male that looks just like a parrot. This particular Dracula parrot is named Dracula Lighter.

This little one is so cute that he will keep you returning for more. He will surely entertain you with his incredible singing abilities. And no wonder, because he is perfect for beginning bird owners because he sings beautifully. You can find him singing at the top of your hotel room during the days of your vacation or at the park when you have some free time. What’s more, he is also straightforward to tame and cuddle. It’s one thing that you cannot say about other birds.

When owning a Dracula pet, you are choosing a trendy choice. There are many reasons why people choose these particular birds. First, they are brilliant. Even if you did not raise them as a pet, they would still adapt to your house’s changes and the surrounding environment. They will listen to you and mimic your instructions. So, you are giving them the freedom to live their own life without depending on you.


Caring For a Dracula Parrot


So if you have plans on getting a Dracula parrot, make sure you choose wisely. Look for a healthy, active male who has been exposed to plenty of human contacts and whose life has been enriched and not neglected. Remember that he will need lots of room to stretch his wings, so buy a cage with vast space and plenty of vertical bars. Avoid buying an enclosure with narrow bars because they will not provide adequate exercise for the parrot.

Dracula parrots require a lot of attention and care. You can choose to buy a pre-trained parrot from a pet store or hand-train it yourself. Most people are surprised at how easy it is to make the bird happy. All that you need is patience and consistency.

Once you have successfully trained your Dracula, you will need to keep tabs on how often it flies around. This will help you find out how much space it uses. Please take note of its feed times and recovery time. If you notice that it does not seem interested in eating or is not recovering, you may want to change the feeding schedule.

Dracula parrots also enjoy screeching. They can get pretty loud at times. To avoid disturbing your neighbors, it would be best to leave the birds squawking to the experts. There are many books available on the topic and websites to help you train your Dracula parrot. Keep in mind that you do not want to scold or reward your bird because this can make it afraid of you.

There are no unique feeding regimens needed. Piece of bread and water is enough. Avoid giving your bird supplements because these could have adverse side effects for your bird. Your goal is to provide the right environment and for your bird to enjoy its life.

It is up to you to take care of your Dracula parrot. Your perseverance and attention to detail are essential. It would be advantageous if you were responsible enough to know how to feed, handle, and play with your small buddy. You must recognize that it will require time and effort to properly care for it.

Don’t give up on your Dracula parrot just yet. Allow it time to adjust to its new surroundings and caregiver. Always keep in mind that caring for a pet is a lifelong responsibility. So take your time, be patient, and keep in mind that patience is a virtue.


Dracula Parrot Size


Body length: 13 inches (33 cm)
Congo: 300-550 grams
Timneh: 275-375 grams
Age of sexual maturity: 3-6 years
Maximum life span: 50 years



The Pesquet’s parrot is a large unique-looking parrot that can be found only in New Guinea. it is the only member of its genus. Its plumage is black, with greyish scaling to the chest, and a red belly, upper tail coverts, and wing panels. The adult male has a red spot behind the eye, which is not seen in the adult female. Compared to most other parrots it appears unusually small-headed, in part due to the bare black facial skin and the relatively long, hooked bill. This rather vulture-like profile is the reason behind its alternative common name.

Additional information


Male, Female


4-8 Months, 9 Month-1 Year, 1-3 Years


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