Maximilian pionus for sale




Maximilian pionus for sale

Maximilian pionus for sale,the Maximilian’s Parrot appears rather plain from a distance but like the Dusky Parrot, has a variety of subtle colors that are particularly beautiful when seen in full sunlight. The Maximilian’s Pionus, Maximilian’s Parrot, or Scaly-headed Parrot is one of the more popular and commonly kept Pionus parrots.

These little parrots are very inquisitive, intelligent and have very good memories. Once they have learned a behavior such as stepping up they are very obedient and will remain steady in their training.

The Maximilian’s Pionus has one of the nicest pet bird personalities. It is a perfect pet for first-time parrot owners and makes a wonderful family pet since they may be handed by several people and maintain their sweet disposition. It is also a great pet for people who live in apartments or in close proximity to neighbors (where noise can be a problem) because they have a relatively quiet calm personality and are easy to maintain.

Care and feeding Maximilian pionus parrots

Maximilian pionus parrot diet consist of a good parrot mix which includes formulated food a variety of seeds, and dried fruits is generally regarded as a suitable base to provide nutrition and variety. Along with this, provide a daily supplement of fresh fruits and vegetables. They are active by nature and can become overweight if confined. Like the Amazon Parrots they require a low fat diet. Good Maximilian Pionus parrots care starts with providing a good diet.

Social Behaviors

In captivity Pionus parrots are generally peaceful and not particularly loud. A nice Pionus trait is that they are usually a calm bird though some can be a bit more nervous. Usually this is only when first introduced to a new environment and passes as they become more confident. There is some thought that the females are more gentle than the males.
They are very social birds and are often considered the most ideal parrot to have as a pet, particularly when children are involved. They have good steady personalities and are loyal. A favorite Pionus trait is that they rarely bite. They can also do well with other pets if they get used to and accept each other. However be very careful to monitor all groupings with animals and with children to prevent any unexpected accidents.


Maximilian’s Pionus need plenty of exercise in order to maintain the best physical condition possible. For more healthy birds, it’s recommended that they are allowed at least 3 to 4 hours outside of their cage each day in a supervised, bird-proof setting. This gives them the opportunity to play, stretch, and make sure that all their muscle groups get a nice workout.

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