Eclectus Parrot for sale


The lovely Eclectus parrots Eclectus roratus are attractive and intelligent birds. They are some of the most brilliantly colored of all the parrot species, and they are also some of the most sexually dimorphic. Eclectus that are well socialized when young make very affectionate pet birds and enjoy human attention. They are one of the better talkers and delight in making various sounds heard around the home, such as the microwave or the telephone.


Eclectus parrot for sale


Eclectus parrot for sale,the lovely Eclectus parrots are attractive and intelligent birds. They are one of the better talkers and delight in making various sounds heard around the home, such as the microwave or the telephone.

Eclectus Parrots have a laid back personality that their humans adore. Eclectus parrots are quite content to sit on a perch for hours at a time playing with their toys. They do not like commotion and they do not react well to it. They are calm birds in captivity, but will display a pensive nature when faced with new things or situations. Eclectus parrotd do not adapt easily to new situations or environments so its’ human must be patient and adjust to having a somewhat shy, three year old child-type companion. They can be very territorial of their cage area. 

The Eclectus is not a demanding bird and is relatively easy to care for; however, they prefer a daily routine. They are slow to adjust or adapt to new things. If you are providing your Eclectus with a new toy, for example, introduce it to him outside the cage. Then let him see it outside the cage for several days before you hang it in the cage.

They enjoy playing with new toys, but they become anxious when their surroundings changes quickly. The best house for an Eclectus is one without kids, lots of visitors, and a lot of play and action.But they do make a good pet for someone who lives alone, rarely has company, and where the environment and daily routine does not change.

The majority of Eclectus are females. As a result, females are more likely than males to be moody and loud. A female may become more aggressive once she reaches breeding age. She might also start exploring the house or aviary’s corners and crevices in search of prospective nesting areas.


Care and feeding of our Eclectus parrot for sale


Fresh food and water must always be available in your home. A ready-made, vitamin-enriched giant hookbill seed mix will be among the foods provided for your pet bird. Additionally, Eclectus must supplement their food with a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Green peas, cucumber, young dandelion greens, sweet corn, beet greens, carrots, broccoli, unsprayed lettuce, chickweed, dandelions, eggplant, green peppers, sorrel, spinach leaves, tomatoes, and zucchini are some examples of fresh fruits and vegetables you can provide. Apples, peaches, apricots, bananas, pears, plums, raisons, and the majority of other fruits can be offered. Sugar and salt should be avoided, while avocado and chocolate are thought to be poisonous to birds.

To keep the Eclectus healthy, the fruits and green foods are essential. Dry seed is notably deficient in Vitamin A, which is why they need additions to a seed based diet. If deprived of a fibrous diet, they may develop Candidiasis. (see ailments below).  A cuttle bone or a calcium block is a good source of calcium.

The majority of parrots love the occasional wash or shower.The wings should be kept trim if you wish to discourage flight and to prevent the loss of your pet through an open window or entrance. A bath pan or ceramic dish 12″-14″ (30-35 cm) can be placed on the bottom of the cage or raised at about 39″ (1m) above the floor in an aviary.




The basic cage care includes daily cleaning of the water and food dishes. Weekly you should wash all the perches and dirty toys, and the floor should be washed about every other week. A total hosing down and disinfecting of an aviary should be done yearly, replacing anything that needs to be freshened, such as old dishes, toys and perches.


Social Behavior of Eclectus Parrots


Eclectus parrots are tamed easily and are very sociable. Some humans feel the male is the more talented, with more talking ability and easier to tame. Females, in the wild are the more aggressive of the two. However, both sexes can become affectionate pets and enjoy human handling.

Eclectus parrots are also affectionate. Most thrive best when socialization is part of their daily routine. They cherish the time they spend interacting with their families.


Eclectus Parrot Appearance

This medium-sized parrot is quite colorful, though the males and females are distinctly different. In fact, they are so different in color that scientists previously believed that they were two entirely different species. Nonetheless, their plumage has made them as popular as they are.


The eclectus parrot is a very friendly,sociable and intelligent bird species described as gentle, tranquil, and caring. Eclectus parrots are also affectionate. Most thrive best when socialization is part of their daily routine.They cherish the time they spend interacting with their families. They are also sensitive and can quickly become stressed if they feel neglected.

This bird will learn the routine and what to expect in your household. They enjoy the comings and goings, as well as being a part of it.

Speech and Vocalizations

Eclectus parrots join Amazons and African greys as being one of the best species for training to speak. They are quick to learn almost anything you want to teach them. Many people find them to be on the quieter side when compared to other parrots. They have a distinctive honk and other vocalizations that can be amusing the first few times, but loud and startling.

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