Where to buy a parrot

Where to buy a parrot

This is a very intriguing question given that finding the right breeders or where to buy a parrot online can sometime be frustrating and even when we find the right breeders the pricing becomes and issue given most birds or parrot lovers have little or no information on the current pricing of this beautiful creatures.

First of all, consider your own requirements. Do you want a single pet bird as a companion, that will reward you with endless hours of fun and enjoyment watching its antics and listening to its remarkable talking abilities? Or do you perhaps want a small variety of parrots in indoor cages or aviaries, that will keep each other company and make an attractive collection?

They may even breed given the right conditions. Please do not try to choose your pet to match the decor, or worse still go to the extremes of one gentleman that I saw spend two hours looking round the display of cages at a Bird Centre, leafing through catalogues and talking to staff. He was looking for a particular ornate stylish cage that he thought would look well in his living room, and only then having chosen the cage did he even consider the apparent afterthought of what sort of bird may be suitable to go in it!


Where to buy a parrot


If you seriously intend to keep larger parrots with the intention of breeding them, I would submit that those people who have first kept and reared smaller species such as budgerigars, cockatiels, and grass parakeets are likely to be more successful than those that jump straight into keeping large birds. There are many mistakes to be made and lessons to be learned in aviculture, especially if one moves on to incubation and hand-rearing, and mistakes made with larger parrots can be very expensive lessons. It is far better to gain experience of the pitfalls first with the easier and cheaper species.

These remarks are in no way intended to belittle the efforts of the thousands of bird keepers who successfully keep and breed such species, most of whom are incredibly knowledgeable about their stock; it is purely common sense in that if losses are to occur, it is better to start with birds that can be replaced with a few tens of pounds, rather than to lose a parrot that could have cost several thousand pounds.

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  1. I’m looking for a baby African grey. And also a large stainless steel cage to purchase. Wanted a male baby for a pet

  2. I’m looking for a baby African grey. And also a large stainless steel cage to purchase. Wanted a male baby for a pet where are you located

  3. On Long Island, NY. Looking to purchase a young, hand tamed parrolet. Want a male Pacific Blue ( solid, non- foliated). If available, let me know when available, where your located, your guarantee, banded or not and how much?

    Thank you,
    Doug Stevens

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