Golden Pheasant for sale


Golden Pheasant for sale

The Golden Pheasant for sale are a favorite of backyard aviculturists because they are hardy and quite easy to raise – not to mention that the males are absolutely stunning in appearance. The bright, beautiful plumage of the male Red Golden pheasant is among the most colorful and attractive of all the world’s birds. They are bred and raised all over the world.

The Golden Pheasant is one of two species that are known as Ruffed Pheasants because the males have a “cape” that they spread around their necks and faces during courtship. Males have a bright yellow crest, that may have a slight tinge of red, just at the tip; the feathers of the cape are orangey, but outlined in a bluish-black; the upper back is green and the lower back and rump are golden; the breast and under-wings are scarlet; the wings themselves are blue and red; the tail is black with cinnamon spotting.

Females and juveniles are much less brightly colored. Hens are brown or buff with darker brown barring. To an inexpert eye, it’s hard to believe the males and females are of the same species, but so it is with most varieties of pheasants. The legs and bills of both sexes are yellow.

The red golden is an extremely popular Species as an aviary bird. As an aviary bird, they appear to be content and Do well in aviaries of quite small size and are very hardy. A number of Mutations have occurred of the golden Pheasant, such as the dark throated, Salmon, and the yellow golden. Clutch 6-12 eggs . Incubation 22 days. Full plumage 2nd year. Cocks have bright golden crest.

These birds are full color and make a great addition to your aviary.
Color variation may vary.

Breeding and Incubation:

Hens will lay a clutch of 8-12 eggs in April, and incubation lasts between 22 and 23 days. This species will breed readily in captivity. Males are sexually mature at 2 years, and females at 1. Red Golden pheasants can live up to 15 years.


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