White fronted amazon parrot for sale



White fronted amazon parrot for sale


White fronted amazon parrot for sale,it is a favorite pet bird for its attractive plumage, playfulness, and excellent talking ability. This bird will delight and entertain you with its very large and bold personality.

This dynamic little amazon is totally unconscious of its small size. The Spectacled Amazon is only about 10 inches (26 cm) long. They are very amusing with their adventuresome antics. They are very agile and avid about chewing, so need lots of toys and places to climb. These Amazons make a good pet for adults and children alike. They are fairly good talkers and are quieter than their larger cousins. Like all amazons though, they can be a bit noisy and may not be suitable for apartment life.

The White fronted Amazon is one of only two of the 25 amazons species that can be sexed visually. The female is similar to the male but without a red edge on the wing. The other amazon that can be visually sexed is the Yellow-lored Amazon, but this parrot is rarely seen in the pet industry.

Like most amazons these little birds are very social, enjoying the companionship of people as well as other amazons. They make a wonderful companion. They do need to be well socialized at a young age to different people and new situations, or as they age they can become shy. This can lead to problems of fright and stress, resulting in undesirable behaviors. The White-browed Amazon will form very strong bonds with their owners, becoming fast friends and exhibit total confidence. They are also a hardy robust bird and can do well in either a cage along with an out-of-the-cage playpen, or kept in an aviary.


Diet and Nutrition of White fronted amazon parrot

Give them fruit, which makes up about 30% of their diet, such as apples, pears, oranges, bananas, cactus fruits, pomegranates, etc.; vegetables, which include carrots, celery, zucchini, green beans and peas in the pod, fresh corn; and greens, which include Swiss chard, lettuce, sowthistle, dandelion, and chickweed; and spray millet. a small seed mixture consisting of millet, safflower, canary, and trace amounts of buckwheat and oats; a smaller amount of dried, soaked, or sprouted sunflower seeds; cooked pulses and beans; and complete kibbles.


Social Behaviors of White fronted amazon parrot for sale

The Spectacles or White-fronted Amazons are highly sociable birds that live in flocks in the wild. They are frequently observed in flocks of up to 20 birds, however sporadic sightings of hundreds of birds have also been reported. When they reach sexual maturity, they also establish unbreakable pairs. Amazons enjoy interacting with people as well as other birds. Although the white-fronted Amazon parrots are gregarious birds, they do require good socialization when they are young.

To keep children from becoming timid as they age, expose them to a wide variety of people and new circumstances when they are young. Lack of this adequate socialization can cause issues with stress and fear, which can result in unwanted behaviors. Your Amazon will interact and play with you more as it becomes more socialized from being around people. The more time you spend with your feathery buddy, the stronger the bond will become.


Personality/ Pet Potential / Aviculture

Like most other amazon parrots, the White-fronted Amazon can get noisy -which should be a consideration for those who are intolerant to noise. Even though talking is not one of their strong points, some individual birds have developed impressive vocabularies.

White-fronted Amazons are lively birds that need plenty of space to exercise. They are initially shy and reserved, but young birds will soon grow confiding. They are very hard chewers, and measures need to be taken to bird proof the area the pet is in to protect furnishings. A regular supply of fresh wood / branches are necessary to redirect their urge to chew.

During the period of acclimatization, they are prone to intestinal infections, but once acclimatized, they are resilient. Particularly during the breeding season, they may become hostile toward their caretaker and other animals. They can live for more than 50 years.


White fronted amazon Habitat

White fronted amazons can survive in a variety of habitats from wooded areas and open countryside to forests and cactus savannas. Native to Central America and Mexico, a small feral population is also known to live in southern California. This region spans Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras. Mostly preferring to nest in tree holes, they are usually observed in dense grasslands and tropical forests, in flocks of around 20 birds. 



Beautiful and intelligent, a white-fronted Amazon parrot can be a delightful pet for the owner it bonds to. Although it may be shy around others, its love of interactive play with its owner can be a delight for others to witness.

White-fronted Amazons are not well suited as pets for families with children but may be great for a single owner. They bond strongly with their owners, but some tend to become “one-person birds.” It is best to socialize them at a young age, or they may become reclusive and testy as they get older. They are a good choice for owners who have plenty of spare time to spend with their bird.



A roomy cage is required for the White-fronted Amazon. They are very active birds and need to spend a good deal of their time outside of their cage or can be housed in an aviary. A cage must not be too confining, so get one that your pet will be able to feel comfortable in. It is recommended that a cage be 2 x 3 feet wide and 2 1/2 to 5 feet high, and with a play pen top.

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Male, Female, Pair


4-8 Months, 9 Months – 1 Year, 2-5 Years


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