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Lilac crowned amazon for sale. This is one of the smaller amazons reaching about 13″ (33 cm) long, but a very colorful bird. The “lilac” namesake comes the pretty lilac colored crown accented by a red brown forehead and lores. The lilac extends onto the neck and circles around its yellow-green cheeks.

An Amazon bird with similar type markings and color is the Green-cheeked Amazon A. The red on Lilac-crowned Amazon is a bit darker and doesn’t extend past the eyes. On the Green-cheeked, the red extends past the eyes onto the crown in varying amounts. The Lilac-crowned also has more dramatic appearance to its chest feathering. Edged in black, the feathers look scalloped while the Green-cheek’s are more uniform.

This dynamic little amazon is a fair talker and makes a fine pet. But though the Lilac-crowned Amazon is affectionate and clever, it is also very lively. This active, energetic birds need lots of activities and will do best spending a good portion of its time outside of its cage where it can climb, play, and fly for exercise. They do very well in an aviary which gives them more room on a regular basis.

Like most amazons the Finsch’s Amazon is very social, enjoying the companionship of people as well as other amazons. They make a wonderful companion and will quickly form a strong bond with their owner.


Social Behaviors of Lilac crowned amazon for sale

Except during the breeding season, Lilac crowned Amazons congregate in sizable groups of 200 or more birds. When they reach sexual maturity, they also establish unbreakable pairs. Both human and bird interaction are enjoyable for these parrots. When you enter the room, they like to be greeted. Your Amazon will interact and play with you more as it becomes more socialized from being around people. The more time you spend with your feathery buddy, the stronger the bond will become.

Lilac-crowned Amazons are considered good talkers; however, the quality isn’t considered as good as some of the other Amazon species. Some may never learn to talk at all. They are gentle birds with a quiet demeanor, which makes them a better pet than other more aggressive amazons.


Lilac crowned amazon Handling/Training

The Lilac-crowned amazon parrot will adapt fairly rapidly, becoming accustomed to a new environment and its keeper. It is then ready to start bird training. Generally though, you should give a new arrival a few days to get use to you, your voice and its cage before trying to handle it. A hand fed baby will not need much taming and can often be handled right away, as it is use to human attention.

Taming Basics:
Though an  Lilac Amazon parrot is quick to adapt to its new home, you should give a new arrival a few days to get use to you, your voice and its cage before trying to handle it. A hand fed baby will not need much taming and can often be handled right away, as it is use to human attention.
To be able to handle and train your parrot depends first on trust, so go slowly and be consistent. Amazons are most receptive to bird training in the evening and each session is best if limited to under 20 minutes with about an hour rest in between.


Caring for the Lilac-Crowned Amazon Parrot

Kept as pets since the 1800s, lilac-crowned Amazon parrots make loving companions for experienced bird owners. Their beauty, charm, and intelligence have helped them to remain among the most popular Amazon parrot species.

Like all Amazon parrots, this species requires a spacious cage (40 inches by 30 inches by 60 inches) that gives it room to exercise. Physical activity reduces its risk of obesity. The cage should be fitted with a playpen at the top, and at least one other playpen in the home for its daily, out-of-cage excursions.

All Amazon parrots thrive on social interaction, and they need it in healthy doses to remain healthy and happy. Lilac-crowned Amazons live in small flocks in the wild. In captivity, it is up to you and your family to become that flock. A neglected parrot grows lonely and will exhibit destructive behavior patterns and depression. Set aside several hours each day for one-on-one interaction and bonding time with your bird.

Like other Amazons, the lilac-crowned enjoys the water and needs a shower at least once each week. Alternatively, if you give it a bowl with water, it will likely bathe itself.

Like most other parrots, if you adopt a lilac-crowned Amazon, expect to care for a creature that has the intellect and emotional IQ of a human toddler. These birds can live more than 60 years if properly cared for, so adopting one is not a commitment to be taken lightly.



Lilac-crowned Amazon parrots are curious and active birds by nature. Like all parrots, and Amazon parrots in particular, these birds need plenty of mental stimulation to keep them healthy and happy.

Lilac-crowned Amazon parrots form strong bonds with their owners and must have ample daily social interaction in order to thrive.
Amazon parrots are prone to excess weight gain, so they must be allowed room to exercise every day. You should be able to give it a minimum of three to four hours of supervised playtime outside of its cage per day. This will allow the bird to burn excess calories, stretch its muscles, and help it get essential mental stimulation.

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