Panama amazon for sale



Panama amazon for sale


Panama amazon for sale,though rarer than the other popular amazons, they have become a more popular pet in recent years. This is a subspecies of the Yellow-crowned Amazon. Both of these Amazons are green birds with a green forehead yielding to a yellow marking on the crown. Their very similar in coloration often leads to confusion. Differences are subtle, with the Panama Amazon being a bit smaller, a darker shade of green, and lacking the reddish-orange spot on the upper mandible (beak) that is seen on the yellow fronted Amazon.

There are also a couple of other very similar Amazon parrots and it can be difficult to tell any of these Amazon birds apart when they are juveniles. The yellow marking on these parrots develop with each molt over a period of about four years. Besides coloring, there are also some other distinctions between these Amazons. They differ in such things as body size, temperament, and talking ability too. Knowing which pet bird you are getting helps you know what to expect.

The Panama Yellow-fronted Amazon parrot is quite intelligent, inquisitive, and affectionate. Their high intelligence makes them easy to tame and train. With a naturally playful nature, they will soon become fun and entertaining pet birds They will quickly begin to mimic sounds and become an excellent talker. They are very social, enjoy companionship, and become fast friends with their owner. They make great pets for devoted individuals and families.

Panama Amazons are robust birds and will do well in either a cage with a playpen on top, or in an aviary. They are very active birds that like to climb and need plenty of chewing toys.They do enjoy interaction and spending time with human companions, but enjoy time alone as well. They are quite content to entertain themselves for hours at a time just playing with their toys.


Social behaviors of Panama Amazon for sale


The Panama Yellow fronted Amazon enjoys human interaction as well as interaction with other birds. In the wild they are very social birds living in groups. They are seen either in pairs or flocks, from small groups to flocks of several hundred birds. They also form permanent pairs when they are sexually mature.

If you are looking for a quiet bird, an Amazon is not for you. It is a highly social bird who loves human companionship, loves to talk, and loves to play. They will learn tricks and look forward to interaction and games. The Panama Amazon will provide you with many fun moments and a lot of laughter.



In captivity, these Amazons can be bred. They must be mature, between the ages of 4 and 5. The sexes must be verified, and the couple must get along and be connected. They will require a nest box that is 31-39 inches (80-100 cm) high, with an aperture that is 4 to 5 inches wide and an internal diameter of 12 to 14 inches (30 to 35 cm) (10-12 cm). Include some soft bedding inside the box at the bottom.

At the onset of warm weather (April to early May) courtship will begin. The hen will then lay three to four eggs which incubate for about 26 – 28 days. The young will leave the nest at 8-12 weeks. As with many parrots, the male will eat for both himself and the female while she incubates the eggs and feeds the young. The male regurgitates the food for the female to eat. He gets a lot less picky about what he eats at these times!


Diet and Nutrition of Panama amazon parrots

The Panama Amazon eats berries, other fruits, plants, seeds, and nuts. Like all Amazon parrots, Panama Amazons do best on a high-quality pelleted diet supplemented with seed mix and daily servings of fresh bird-safe fruits and vegetables. A fresh and varied diet will help ensure that your bird maintains top nutrition.

The best food for birds is specially made pellets, which should make up roughly 75–80% of their diet. A daily diet should contain 20 to 25 percent fruits, vegetables, and greens. You can occasionally give out high-fat meals like seeds and nuts. Give your bird a 1/2 cup of fruits and vegetables daily along with 3/4 cup of pellet-based parrot mix to start, and then adjust as needed based on appetite.

Panama Amazons parrots enjoy eating with the family together. You can share a wide range of nutritious human food with the bird, although do not let it overeat. As with all parrots, avocado and chocolate are toxic to these birds.


Speech and Vocalizations

It is highly valued for its strong talking abilities and is a rapid learner who can duplicate sounds with ease. Like the majority of Amazons, they frequently become extremely noisy for ten minutes around sunrise and once more at sunset. Its instinct to sound a clock alarm dates back to its time as an avian timekeeper in the wild.



Panama Amazons are social, entertaining birds that have become increasingly popular as pets in recent years. Their high intelligence, coupled with their playful nature, makes them well-suited as pets for families and active households. They are highly talented talkers that can get noisy when the mood strikes.
Their social nature helps to make them gentle and affectionate companions. 


The basic cage care includes daily cleaning of the water and food dishes. Weekly you should wash all the perches and dirty toys, and the floor should be washed about every other week. A total hosing down and disinfecting of an aviary should be done yearly, replacing anything that needs to be freshened, such as old dishes, toys and perches.

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Male, Female, Pair


4-8 Months, 9 Months – 1 Year, 2-5 Years


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