Red Lored Amazon for sale



Red Lored Amazon for sale


Red Lored Amazon for sale.The colorful face of the Red-lored Amazon Amazona autumnalis, also called the Yellow Cheek Amazon, has inspired many enthusiasts to proclaim it the most beautiful of the Amazons. it is readily apparent from this birds pretty face that these common names are quite fitting.

This beautiful amazon is a pleasant, social parrot that enjoys its human companions. The Red-lored Parrot has an amiable personality, displaying less aggression than many of the other popular amazons. It is regarded as a wonderful pet bird that is gentle, affectionate and loyal. The Yellow Cheek Amazons are intelligent pet birds, quick and humorous at play, and you will enjoy their comical antics.

The Red-lored Amazon parrots are very social and enjoy the company of people as well as other birds. They will form very strong bonds with their owner, becoming fast friends and exhibit total confidence. They are also a hardy robust bird and can do well in either a cage along with an out-of-the-cage playpen, or kept in an aviary.


Care and feeding of Red Lored Amazon


Amazon parrot care starts with providing a good diet. An Amazon diet consisting of a basic parrot feed mix with supplements is generally regarded as suitable. Different bird foods and bird mixes for Amazons are available.

Bird Food:
Foods available for Amazon parrots include formulated diets, either pelleted or extruded, seed only diets, and parrot mixes which offer a mixture of both. There are pros and cons to feeding only a formulated diet as well as feeding only a seed diet. A seed only diet offers much more variety but requires additional vitamin and calcium supplements. Amazon parrots need not only nutritional requirements met but also variety for psychological enrichment.

Formulated Diet:
A formulated diet provides a good nutritional base so does not require the addition of vitamins, however it does not contain the phytonutrients (antioxidant pigments) that are found in vegetables, fruits, grains, and seeds. Phytonutrients are believed to boost the immune system, help a body to heal itself, and to prevent some diseases. Also Amazons can become bored with it due to the lack of variety.

Seed Diet:
A seed only diet offers much more variety but requires additional vitamin and calcium supplements. Amazon parrots need not only nutritional requirements met but also variety for psychological enrichment.
Supplements are very important and can be put in an extra dish and rotated for variety

Fruits and Vegetables:
Supplements should include sprouted seeds, all types of fruits such as apples, pears, plums, cherries, grapes, oranges, bananas, mangos, papayas, and even berries such as strawberries and blueberries. Vegetables are also good supplements such as carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, many garden vegetables, and even dandelions and chickweed.


Housing and Red Lored Amazon


A roomy cage is required for the Red-lored Amazon. They are very active birds and need to spend a good deal of their time outside of their cage or can be housed in an aviary. A cage must not be too confining, so get one that your pet will be able to feel comfortable in. It is recommended that a cage be 2 x 3 feet wide and 2 1/2 to 5 feet high, and with a play pen top.

The Yellow Cheek Amazon likes to climb and play, and enjoys expanding its wings. It loves to be out of its cage on a playpen, and will enjoy interacting with their human as well as playing with toys. A hanging perch above the playpen is a great thing to have for climbing.

This Amazon can tolerate varying temperatures, but needs to be kept away from any drafts. A variety of perches should be used of varying size and texture. A concrete perch can be placed as the highest perch in the cage and next to a toy. At times during the day they will perch there and it will save them (and you) from the ordeal of having their nails filed.

Don’t forget bathing. Spraying your Red-lored Parrot with warm water or a commercially available bird bath is necessary to keep the feathers from drying out.


Speech and Vocalizations


The Red Lored Amazon, like other tropical parrots, is well known for its ability to mimic human speech. This bird is quick to act as if it’s talking, to the point that it almost appears to join in on your conversation!

The Red Lored Amazon for sale is fun to listen to for the majority of the day because of its silly muttering.

This bird has a limited vocabulary, with some words sounding very clear and distinct. This bird can imitate a wide range of sounds, including coffee perking, alarms beeping, dogs barking, and humans laughing, which can be amusing to listen to.


Personality and Behavior of Red Lored Amazons


These are one of the friendlier Amazon parrots, and they are very sociable. They are quick to adapt and bond with people and will love to play. They quickly become the center of attention with their goofs and silly tricks. However, you should know that Red Lored Amazons require a big commitment, as these birds have an incredible lifespan of up to 80 years! excellent.



Red-lored Amazons are intelligent, charismatic birds that like to be with their owners as well as other birds. They bond quickly with human family members and will become a loyal part of the family.

These birds are very talented talkers and singers. Amazons, in general, are rather vocal birds that enjoy interacting with you verbally. Potential owners should also be aware that all Amazons can scream and most often do. If you adopt one, expect a wake-up call at sunrise and sunset every day.

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