Red crowned amazon parrot for sale



Red crowned amazon parrot for sale


Red crowned amazon parrot for sale,the Green-cheeked Amazon is a very attractive parrot originating primarily from Northeast Mexico. Overall it is a darker green Amazon, though a paler green underneath, and has iridescent light green cheeks circled in lilac. Its other descriptive names, Red crowned Amazon and Mexican Red-headed Parrot, are derived from its vibrant crown of bright scarlet.

The Green cheek Amazon parrot is definitely a more amenable Amazon. It is a pleasant, social Amazon that enjoys its human companions and is not as independent nor as feisty as its cousins. Once in a while it will assert its independence, and when it does it will be obvious. Its head will come down, the tail feathers will fan out and the wings will extend. This is the Green-cheek Amazons way of saying “just leave me alone”, and this usually occurs in breeding season.

This is a favorite among bird lovers for its calm but playful nature. These red crowned Amazons loved to have the top of their head and the sides of their face petted, and will frequently just lay their head down for you to provide them with this attention. Some of them are talkers, but most are better at mimicking sounds.

They are very gregarious, and require regular involvement in the routine of their human flock. Keepers will need to make some adjustments when they add an intelligent creature like this to their home as these parrots will become depressed if neglected. With this pet bird you have a companion for meals or watching television, yes, they do watch television.



Handling/Training of Red crowned amazon parrot

The Green-cheeked Amazon quickly becomes accustomed to a new environment and its keeper, and is then ready to start bird training. Generally though, you should give a new arrival a few days to get use to you, your voice and its cage before trying to handle it.

Initial Training:
Your first goal in bird training is to get the parrot to accept a treat from you, which will lead to it allowing you to gently scratch its head. Then you can begin to work on getting your parrot to step up on your hand. Depending on the tameness of the bird, these two steps can be instantaneous as in a hand fed baby or take several weeks or longer for an untamed bird.


Care and feeding of Red crowned amazon parrots

In the wild, the diet of the Green-cheeked Amazon consists of fruits, plants, seeds and nuts, but will frequently take a bite of something and then just toss the rest. When food is plentiful they are known to waste, just looking for something they like better. Of course, during breeding season, everything is eaten and used. A pet bird will enjoy a varied diet, including a quality seed mix or a pelleted diet, and many fresh fruits and vegetables. Pellets will work if started at an early age. Plenty of human food that is nutritious can be offered.

Fruits and vegetables are great but a little chicken or meatloaf is good too. Sweet potatoes provide Vitamin A. Peanut butter or honey at the bottom of a Dixie cup or on a cracker brings them happiness. It will also bring you laughter. Amazons also love pasta but can make a real mess with spaghetti and sauce. They like to eat at the table and enjoy eating with their family. They will let you know when it’s dinner time. Avocado and chocolate are toxic to any parrot.

As a medium-sized parrot, the green-cheeked Amazon requires a substantial cage. They love to climb and should have room to stretch their wings while inside. The minimum size is 2 feet by 3 feet and up to 3 or 5 feet tall; the more space you can provide, the better.


Speech and Vocalizations

Every morning and evening, a loud 10-minute announcement is to be expected. It’s in the bird’s nature to call out to its flock at those times. Many green cheeked Amazons can become good talkers with consistent training. They can mimic quite well. Just be cautious because some people can be snarky and owners have sometimes heard some backtalk.




The Red crowned amazon parrot are Playful and sweet, hand-fed Amazon parrots,they are good family pets that enjoy interacting with everyone. They are mild-mannered and appear content when they spend time with their handlers. They may join you while watching television or at the dinner table and are fans of handling and petting.

Red crowned amazon parrots are more likely to cause trouble than some other Amazon species because they are nosy and inquisitive. Electrical lines in and around the house might get chewed. When outside of the cage, supervision and constructive diversion are necessary.

Although green-cheeked Amazons are thought of as amusing, friendly birds, some of them might experience a hormonal bluffing stage as they enter puberty. The birds might act a little erratic during this time, which can continue up to two years. Stay calm; it will pass.


Red crowned Amazon Parrot Colors and Markings

Green cheeked Amazons are primarily dark green with a bright red blaze that extends over their beak and forehead. There is a patch of brilliant blue behind their eyes that trails down the neck in some individuals. The undersides of the tail feathers are lime green or yellow. They have horn-colored beaks and flesh-colored legs.



An Amazon parrot’s cage should be as large as you can fit and afford. At minimum, the cage should be 2 feet by 3 feet by 4 feet, but the bigger the better. Some owners even dedicate small rooms as free-flight aviaries for their pet birds. Make sure the cage bar spacing is narrow enough that your bird can’t get any body parts stuck.

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