Peacocks for sale



Peacocks for sale


If you are looking for peacocks for sale, we have hundreds of peacocks for sale for you to choose from at petbirdbreeders. All the following peafowl are for sale, if the peafowl you are looking for are not listed,please email

Petbirdbreeders offers assorted peafowl chicks for sale, all of which are high-quality birds that will meet and exceed your expectations. We have chicks available from June through August, and we have been a leading peafowl egg hatchery since 1936. Peacocks are beautiful birds that are notable for their long, colorful feathers, and the peafowl is even the national bird of India. Peafowl generally don’t start laying eggs and they are not fertile until they are about two years old. They need special care and range or flight pens. Browse through our website to learn more about the peafowl Let’s Get Started Raising Peafowl.

Most people call them peacocks, but that’s the correct name for only the males of this type of bird. Females are called peahens, and the whole group are peafowl. There are three types of peafowl in the world: Indian, green, and Congo. Most people are familiar with the Indian peafowl, since that is the kind found in many zoos and parks. Indian peafowl live in India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, green peafowl are found in Southeast Asia, and Congo peafowl are from central Africa.


Breeding Peacocks for sale


Peafowl are polygamous birds. One male will mate with four to five peahens. Most peahens will not lay in their first year of production. During the second and third years, they will produce a few eggs. It is not until their fourth year that they will lay five to nine eggs a year. If eggs are removed from the nest, a peahen may lay another clutch or two, but she will not be able to incubate more than ten eggs. If there are too many eggs, artificial incubation or a foster mother turkey hen can be used. Thick shrubbery is good place for nesting. There is also the option to confine peahens to a pen or yard during egg laying period in the spring to early summer.




Peafowl are a difficult bird to confine. They frequently fly and perch on high trees. If you are going to confine a peafowl, the area should be tall with a high roosting shelf. There should also be a large, grass-covered run included. The runs should be at least seven feet tall to prevent birds from jumping up and injuring themselves.


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