Crimson Bellied Conure for sale



Crimson Bellied Conure for sale

These playful, cuddly and affectionate little Crimson Bellied Conure for sale are one of the best and most popular representatives of the Conure family. With a variety of desirable aspects and traits that are essential for great pet parrots, these little sweethearts are definitely quite the feathered charmers. Always highly sought after on the pet market, they can be a bit pricey, but it sure is worth it, because you get what many consider a perfect pet parrot. Just make sure to acquire one from a reputable source- Crimson Bellied Conure is a vulnerable breed. Their entire abdomen is strikingly red, giving them their name. It stands out as the center point and draws the eye.

The plumage is mostly green, with a short reddish-brown band across the front. The bright crimson-red lower breast and belly of this conure are the most noticeable features, and same color can also be observed on the bend of the wing and under wing-coverts. The brow, crown, and back of the head are all dark brown, with each feather edged with whitish-brow. The brow has a light blue hue to it. The feathers on the side of the neck, throat, and upper breast are brown, with a broad margin of whitish to dull yellow.
The cheeks are green, and the forehead is light blue. 


Care and Feeding Crimson Bellied Conure for sale

Like their diet in the wild, constitute their diet of vegetables, fruits, flowers, and buds. A quality seed mix can be given every day. Also make millet spray available to them, and vitamin and mineral supplements should also be given regularly.

Crimson-bellied parakeets enjoy a bath, so let them have it every day, or even a few times a day if possible. Clean the enclosure at regular intervals, and ensure to replace the food and water dishes every day with fresh ones. Also, remember to replace the chewed up toys from time to time.

Additionally, they are also one of the rare breeds that frequently visit clay licks, where they get the vitamins they lack. A good commercial seed-based mix will be a perfect start for your pet’s diet. Supplement it with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, and you should achieve a balanced diet. Don’t forget the hygiene. This is a great base of a healthy bird. Showers, sprays, and baths are all great choices and are loved by all conures.


Personality / Pet potential

Crimson bellied Conures are generally quiet and they are usually only vocal when excited. They quickly grow confiding. These are lively and active conures that enjoy flying about, so plenty of space should be provided. They tend to be hardy and are not as susceptible to diseases as some other bird species are, especially when provided good nutrition and suitable environment. They enjoy bathing often. The chewing requirement varies from pair to pair. It is important to provide a regular supply of fresh branches to satisfy their chewing urges as well as to provide entertainment. They are not usually aggressive to other birds.

The vividly colored Crimson bellied Conure is a playful bird, and can easily be trained to do tricks and maybe even to speak a few words. Even though Crimson-bellied Conures are comparatively quieter than other conures, they are still noisier than say cockatiels or budgies.


Speech and Sounds

Crimson Bellied Conure is one of the quieter breeds in this family of parrots, making them a good choice for all you apartment people. Their natural calls are rare and unobtrusive, consisting of low chirps and whistles. Their contentment and joy are often shown through soft, muffled chirps and murmurs, which are often heard during playtime. Even though they are not the best of talkers, they can learn a few words to repeat. It is more likely they will pick up common sounds to mimic, like alarms, barks or whistles.



The Crimson Bellied Conure is one of the most popular conures kept as pets because it is extremely lively and friendly. It’s one of the few cuddly birds that will often form strong bonds and cuddle with their owner. Its call is soft and pleasant, and it will often whistle melodies or mimic sounds it hears in the home. It’s quite affectionate and can even act silly when it’s getting the attention it craves, hiding in your clothes and in your hair. However, it will get much louder if you ignore it or spend too much time away from home, and they may even start to tear apart things in their cage. 

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Male, Female, Pair


4-8 Months, 9 Months -1 Year, 2-5 Years


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