Stainless Steel Bird Cage for sale


Stainless Steel Bird Cage for sale


Stainless Steel Bird Cage for sale,stainless steel bird cages are loaded with benefits that you should strongly consider for the new home for your African Grey, Large Macaw,Cockatoos or other pet birds.

While they do come with a higher price tag over their powder-coated counterparts, the features below justify investing in one of these units for the long haul.

The biggest benefits of a stainless steel parrot cage are:

They last a lifetime! – Whereas a powder-coated option will only last 4-6 years in most cases. Why shop for a new cage every few years when you can buy the most durable, built to last option today…
They are much easier to keep sanitary! – Easy to clean with just a simple wipe & can even be pressure-washed without damaging the coating. Made of 304 medical surgical-grade stainless steel, these products are nonporous, inherently resistant to bacteria formation, and simple to sterilize.
They carry zero toxins! – Regardless of how “bird safe” a powder-coated cage is, it’s still not a great idea for a bird to ingest the coating. Over time the coating can come off in shards that are not easily digested by birds. Healthy parrots make for the best companions 🙂
They always look brand new! Since there is no paint or coating to be marred or chipped off, stainless bird cages and its sleek bars & wires will maintain that new appearance for years to come.


Stainless Steel Bird Cages with Variety


Keep in mind that not every single part of your bird enclosure has to be made from stainless steel wire. When you order a Hybrid stainless steel bird cage from Custom Cages, you can create a custom cage that suits your tastes and your bird’s needs. For example, you can choose to have stainless steel sides, but acrylic doors.

Hybrid stainless steel bird cages have several different wire gauges, depending on the size of your bird. The standard wire gauge is 1” x 1”. This is perfect for petite to medium sized birds, as it prevents them from escaping. You also want to be sure that your custom stainless steel bird cages do not have wire that is too small. If this happens your bird may get his head stuck between the bars. Our H2 cages are a bit smaller and utilize a ¾” x ¾” wire. Extreme heavy-duty wire is also available in 1 ½” x 1 ½”. This is ideal when purchasing stainless steel bird cages for larger, more aggressive breeds.


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