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We are one of the nation’s top pet parrot cage retailers and are proud to offer you only the very best brand names when looking for where to buy bird cages for sale today.

If you’re looking for a bird cage, petbirdbreeders has a large variety of high quality bird cages for sale. Every bird cage is made from the highest quality material, ranging from wrought iron powder coated cages, Aluminium and 304 Medical Grade German Stainless Steel. Family owned and operated since 1975, King’s Cages values the safety and well-being of your bird. Our cages are vet recommended, durable and comfortable for your feathered friend. The bird cage designs you’ll find at petbirdbreeders are not only beautiful, but will also last you for many years. You’ll love our bird cages for sale! Also check out our wide selection of bird food.

First off, we believe all birds – from the smallest Budgie to the largest Macaw – should have the highest quality living space possible, regardless of their owner’s budget. This is definitely not something you want to go cheap on, however, for your pet’s safety and well-being.

How much do these bad boys cost? You can find small cages for $100-$300 with large bird cage models running upwards of $700, while stainless dwellings and walk-in bird aviaries coming in at over $1,000 due to their high-quality material & construction.


Choosing The Right Bird Cages for sale


Many people ask us, ‘How big does a cage need to be for their bird?’ There are many different factors in choosing a birdcage that is suitable. Some of those are:

– Whether the bird is being kept inside or outside. Outside birds will need to be protected from the weather; therefore, there will have to be adequate room inside the cage to install a nesting box so the birds won’t get cold.

– Also, the cage size is determined by whether the bird you choose is a hand-reared or a tame bird. These birds will spend a lot of time out of the Bird Cage on a Playground or bird stand; therefore, a large cage won’t be necessary.

– If your bird will never come out of the cage, then the cage must be bigger so the bird can fly around and get some exercise.

Birdcages sizes are always the buyer’s opinion as there is no right or wrong, just what you feel comfortable with.

Remember that birds have a long lifespan, so choose your cage accordingly. Diet is more important than cage size, and let VBC explain a bit more about diet further down the page.

That’s why we offer FREE Shipping on ALL orders within the contiguous U.S. lower 48 states. We don’t want you to fear outrageous shipping costs and overblown prices that can come with delivering packages as large as these wrought iron and stainless steel bird cages.

While these parrot spaces are roomy on the inside, they can appear bulky and cumbersome to adjust. Luckily, most modern habitats and aviaries include stands with rolling casters to make moving them around a cinch!


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