Pheasant Chicks for sale



Pheasant Chicks for sale


Pheasant Chicks for sale are one of the fastest growing nestlings, and are ready to leave the nest within the first few hours of hatching. Baby pheasant chicks are covered in a light down and their eyes are open shortly after emerging from their eggs. Their legs are well developed from birth and they are able to walk from the nest site to begin foraging for food within a few short hours.

New hatchlings are tawny-yellow with darker markings on the back and sides. Their eyes are dark brown, and begin to gradually lighten at around 6 weeks. At first, a pheasant chick’s legs and feet are brown, but these also become a lighter shade of grey as they mature. Flight feathers are present from around 12 to 14 days, and the hatchling down is replaced by brownish feathers that resemble those of an adult female.

It is possible to tell whether a pheasant chick is male or female from about 5 weeks. A pinkish patch becomes increasingly visible on the cheeks of juvenile males, which is where the scarlet wattle will later form. This is absent from females, and is a useful way of distinguishing between the sexes from early on.


What do Pheasant Chicks eat?


For the first four weeks, baby pheasants eat a diet that mainly consists of large insects, such as mayfly, planthoppers, and grasshoppers, as well as caterpillars and larvae. From week four onwards, a young pheasant’s diet becomes more plant-based, with grain, grasses, buds, berries and farm crops becoming the primary source of food.


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