Major Mitchell Cockatoo for sale




Major Mitchell Cockatoo for sale

Major Mitchell Cockatoo for sale.If you’ve been considering purchasing a cockatoo as a pet, then the Major Mitchell’s cockatoo might be an excellent choice for you. This cockatoo is a smart, social bird that bonds with its owners and has been said to be a one-person bird. So if you want a pet that is gorgeous, loyal, smart, and friendly, then this is the one for you.

Not only are they social birds, but they are also beautiful as well, with their salmon-pink color. This breed is a medium-sized bird. However, they do need a lot of attention, so it’s best if they’re kept by someone experienced at handling and caring for them.

These birds bond strongly with their keepers and have a reputation for being one-person birds. Because they require so much attention, experienced bird owners who are familiar with keeping large parrots are a better match for these birds.

Caring for Major Major Mitchell Cockatoo

While it can be tempting to rush out and buy one of these beautiful birds, Major Mitchell’s cockatoos need specialized care and environments that not all bird owners can accommodate. It is best if they live in a walk-in cage (5 feet high) that is at least 4 feet long. This allows the large bird plenty of room to move.

These birds are moderately strong chewers and can break welds on poorly constructed cages. Many can open cage latches, so locks or escape-proof latches may be necessary.

Routine bathing or showering is vital to maintaining good plumage and skin. Birds can be misted and allowed to dry in a warm room or in the sun. Do not clip the wing feathers excessively. Clip only the primary flight feathers and only enough so the bird will glide to the floor.

Temperament of Major Mitchell Cockatoos

It’s important to note that this species of bird requires a lot of care and attention. Since they bond to their owners for life, you need to make sure you’re capable of taking care of this temperamental bird before getting one.

While they can be temperamental, this species is also known to be loving, funny, energetic, and cuddly. However, since they do bond for life, they tend to get upset if their bonded human leaves them. So, for example, if you go away on a short trip and come back, your cockatoo may be mad and not have anything to do with you for a few days.


A commercial cockatoo seed or pellet based mix is a good recommendation for a beginner diet base. You should add a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables like oranges, apples, bananas, cabbage, kale, and carrots. This will be a vitamin supplement. Occasional cooked rice, corn or chicken is also a good addition.

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