Cape Parrot for sale



Cape Parrot for sale

Cape Parrot for sale.Cape parrots are very unique and are very rare in the pet trade. Very few Cape parrots remain in the wild, and they are classified as an endangered species. Their plumage is generally green with a silvery grey head and chest. Their “shoulders” are red and/or orange, as well as the forehead when they’re young. As adults, males will lose the orange band on the forehead, whereas females will retain it. This allows them to be visually sexed. Actually, all “Cape” Parrots for sale in this country are not truly Capes but another subspecies. Everyone says they are Capes in the US, so it has become standard to refer to these birds as such. The real Cape Parrots are only in Africa.

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Temperaments of Cape Parrots


The Cape parrot is a gentle bird who seems to have minimal behavioral or aggression issues. Domesticated cape parrots have a loving side to them, and they will rarely bite. The cape parrots are more likely to become more attached to one specific person in the household which can make them scared to be held by other people. If you introduce your cape parrot to the rest of the family from a young age, the Cape parrot is more likely to warm up to the whole family. Cape parrots are highly intelligent birds, and many owners refer to them as gentle giants. Cape parrots seemingly have all the desirable traits for a parrot.


Caring for the Cape Parrot


Grooming is done entirely by the cape parrots. They also appreciate having a clean water bowl in which to bathe. They will dip their heads into the water to splatter the remaining water all over their bodies. You do not need to maintain the parrot personally as the owner, and you should avoid clipping their wings at home. The wings should be clipped by an expert avian veterinarian because doing so yourself can be difficult and dangerous.



Healthy well-adjusted bird
Weaned onto a varied and nutritious diet
Flighted and adept at flight
Raised in a quiet environment
Socialized to a variety of people, places, and objects
Raised with abundance of toys and enrichment


Personality and Behavior of a Cape Parrot


Cape parrots are prized for their lovely personality. There’s so much to love about these intelligent birds- they are cuddly, playful and all-around gentle giants. These birds have all the desirable pet bird traits. Whether they wish to cuddle, play on their own, talk or goof around, they will do it all in relative silence and with a calm behavior. Pair this with their good talking ability and big intelligence, and you got a wonderful pet and a great friend.

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