Military Macaw for sale


Military Macaw for sale

Military Macaw for sale,The Military Macaw has a general green plumage, though the head is a lighter green, the throat is olive green, and there is an olive tinge to the back and wings. The lower back, rump, and the outer edges of the wings and tail are blue.They have a bright red forehead and a faint bluish tinge on the hindneck. The tail is a brownish-red on top and olive-green on the underside. They have a bare face patch lined with small greenish black feathers. The beak is gray-black and the eyes are yellow.

There are three subspecies, and all are very similar in appearance with only slight variations. The commonly seen Military Macaw Ara m. militaris is the smallest of the three. The Mexican Military Macaw Ara m. mexicana looks about the same, but is a bit larger. The Bolivian Military Macaw Ara militaris boliviana is in the middle, size-wise, but has some slight variations in its color pattern. It has a reddish-brown throat, some reddish feathers on the ear coverts, and darker blues on the outer wings and tip of the tail.


Care and Feeding Military Macaw for sale

In the wild they eat a variety of seeds, nuts, fruits, berries, and plants. There are name brand commercially prepared seed or pellet mixes for the Macaw. They can also eat anything nutritious that you eat and these foods should be offered. Most parrots enjoy eating with their family. They eat protein in the wild and they do like chicken. Avocado and chocolate are toxic to parrots.


Social Behaviors

n the wild the Military Macaws are usually seen in pairs, or small groups of ten or up to twenty or so individuals. They are rarely seen alone. They are a social bird and enjoy the company of their flock and of a mate as well.

The Military Macaw can become a good pet that is lovable and friendly. These intelligent Macaws can get along with more than one person if it is handled with consistently and well socialized Yet they are a typical Macaw and can be cranky at times and may prefer only one person or only one gender.

Like all Macaws, they can be quite loud, being especially loud when anticipating interaction with you. They will also mirror your moods, so if you are agitated, they can become agitated. If you are happy and loving, well so is your pet. To have a well-rounded bird that enjoys more than one person, make sure it is well socialized with lots of folks.

Military macaw size

The Military Macaw is a full sized Macaw, though a bit smaller than most of the other large Macaws. They are about the same as the Scarlet Macaw Ara macao. These birds range from about 25″-28″ (70-80 cm) in length, and weigh about 2 to 2.4 pounds (.907 – 1.09 kg).


Because military macaws are large birds, they require a cage that is at least 36x48x60 inches in size. Keep the cage in a separate room and soundproof it as much as possible, lest the neighbors complain about the bird’s noise levels. Install a sturdy perch within the cage, as well as some fresh fruit branches for the bird to chew on; however, these branches should be replaced on a regular basis. Toys that are both chewable and playable should be provided for the bird’s enrichment. Allow the bird to leave the cage for a few hours every day.


The military macaw is an easily tamed, good-natured bird. In the wild, they are rarely alone, living in pairs or flocks of 10 to 20 birds. In captivity, It is not unusual for this bird to prefer one person or even one gender. It is essential to introduce it to a variety of people, so it remains friendly in all social situations.
While they aren’t known for being especially affectionate, military macaws that have been appropriately handled and socialized might enjoy some cuddling and petting.


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