Lord derby’s parakeet for sale




Lord derby’s parakeet for sale


Lord derby’s parakeet for sale,Though the Derbyan Parakeet is naturally a bit shy, seeming to prefer the company of birds to that of humans, with good socialization when they are young and ongoing regular handling, they make a wonderful pet. They love to socialize, are generally docile, and tend to live long healthy lives.

The Derbyan Parakeet is one of the best talkers among the parakeets. They are extremely intelligent and can learn many words with a clarity in their speech that is similar to that of the amazon parrots. They do have a loud voice and can get be rather noisy though they are said to be less noisy when kept singly and given a lot of attention.


Care and Feeding Lord derby’s parakeet for sale


Fresh food and water must be provided daily.
They do like to feed on the ground. Their diet consists of a good seed mixture supplemented with sprouted seed, various fruits, and green foods. In addition to these foods, you can offer them vegetables and commercial pellets.

Caring for a Derbyan parakeet requires providing plenty of one-on-one attention. Most enjoy learning new words and phrases from their humans, as well as engaging with toys and simply hanging out and watching TV on your shoulder.

Occasional baths are recommended, and food and water bowls should be cleaned daily. Derbyan parakeets are pretty adaptable, but do try to stay consistent in terms of activity, socialization, and daily care.




The basic cage care includes daily cleaning of the water and food dishes. Weekly you should wash all the perches and dirty toys, and the floor should be washed about every other week. A total hosing down and disinfecting of an aviary should be done yearly, replacing anything that needs to be freshened, such as old dishes, toys and perches.


Lord derby’s parakeet Social Behaviors


These are one of the calmer, shyer parakeet breeds, but are still very intelligent and energetic. It might take them a little longer to adapt and socialize with their owner and the new environment, but when they do, you will get to know their lovely, fun side. It is, in general, a parrot with balanced traits – it’s energetic, inquisitive and loves to play, but it can also be affectionate, calm and surprisingly cuddly. With enough given attention and love, you’ll slowly get to know your pet, and fall in love much faster.

In the wild, the Derbyan Parakeets live in small flocks of up to 50 birds and are very social. They do seem to prefer birds as companions and can seem rather aloof, shying away from human handling. They have a generally peaceful personality and make excellent aviary birds.


Speech and Sounds


While generally not noisy, Derbyan Parakeet bird is quite a good talker. These parrots will develop a modest vocabulary and repeat words and phrases they hear most often. Another interesting fact is their ability to put these words in context. When they want to sleep, eat or play, they will use appropriate sentences to let you know. Once they aren’t shown a lot of attention and are generally neglected, they might become noisier than usual.




They are rather shy with people, but with good socialization when they are young and regular handling after that, they become very good pets. They are extremely intelligent and can be excellent talkers.



Among their parrot peers, the Derbyan parakeet is known for being a highly intelligent and social bird, with a curious personality that can make them fun to train and engage with. These birds often become quite fond of their humans over time, showing outward affection—and even a willingness to cuddle—to those who they feel closest to.
Due to their smarts, Derbyan parakeets require a lot of stimulation and are prone to displaying signs of boredom that may include unwanted chewing.

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4-8 Months, 9 Months – 1 Year, 2-5 Years


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