Baby Parrots for sale


Baby Parrots for sale

Baby Parrots for sale.These are just some of the latest additions to our baby bird nursery. We have a a huge, ever-changing selection of parrots and small birds. Check back often—we get new birds in weekly.
Whether you are looking for a good pet parrot or an aviary companion, there are many different types of parrots to choose from. There are about 372 parrot species from around the world. The greatest diversity of parrots are found in Australasia, Central America, and South America, but there are some very unique birds from other regions as well.

Parrot types come in a wide variety of size, color, behavior, temperament, and ability to talk. Many of the best known parrots consist of several species in closely related genera, like the largest parrots, the macaws, as well as groups of medium to small parrots. These parrot types are readily recognizable, but because each group contains a number of bird species, their bird guides are in the following sections:


Birds for Sale

There are birds for sale that can suit just about every type of person, and every type of lifestyle. Once you’ve picked the right bird for you, you’ll need to find and purchase it. Finding birds for sale is relatively easy for many popular birds, but can be more challenging for more unique bird species. Here’s a list of different places where you can find birds for sale:

Finding birds for sale
All these resources can help you track down the type of bird you want:
General pet stores are a great place to get familiar with the types of birds that are readily available.
There are also pet stores more bird dedicated. These will carry a more diverse variety of birds for sale.
Bird specialty stores that have only birds for sale will have an even greater variety.
Other places to see and learn about birds are bird clubs, bird organizations, bird farms, and bird breeders.
Birdtalk Magazine not only has great articles about different birds, but carries advertisements and classified ads from breeders and others who sell birds.

How to Buy Pet Birds
When you are ready to buy a pet bird, the bird should be checked for the following:
Make sure the bird is breathing well (not wheezing or straining).
Eyes should be clear and clean.
Feathers should be shiny with no bare spots.
The bird should be alert and aware.
Feel the bird’s breast bone to check its weight. A protruding breast bone means the bird is underweight and could be ill.
Handle the bird to make sure it likes you.
Always request a complete bill of sale and make sure you can return the bird if your vet determines it’s not healthy.


Parrot Physical Characteristics







Skin TypeFeathersTop Speed15 mphLifespan40 – 80 yearsWeight10g – 4,000g (0.02lbs – 5.9lbs)Height8cm – 100cm (3.5in – 39in)


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